Friday, January 4

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{nothing to do with the post I just like this and it reminds me of the new A Fine Frenzy album Pines which I am obsessed with}

A dear friend of mine recently wrote that she loved creating her life year after year by the side of her husband. 
That just tugged at my heart. 
And of course got me thinking about what I was creating and who else was involved in creating who I am today?
Who am I creating my life with?

I keep seeing this little thing that says, 
You become the 5 people you spend the most time with.
How cool is that?
And scary?

Who is creating me?
Who am I creating?

I think the number one person I spent the most time with is me.
{uh oh this could get confusing... I'm becoming myself? Yes! Maybe.}
I have always been slightly more introverted, preferring my own company over the company of others.
But that's how I know if I really love someone, is if I choose time with them over being alone.
It's a great measurement for my feelings about others.

Anyways, 5 people I spend the most time with...

Talana Matt Troy Joey my girls at work and uh oh this turned into a post where I realized that I don't have a lot of friends now I am going to go cry myself to sleep waaaaaaahhhhh

Just kidding there are a lot of people I spend time with. 
But those are the ones I spend the most time with and it is seriously so much time that I don't spend as much time with all the others.
Do phone calls count?
Cause I spend a lot of time with my family then.

Ok I'm going to end this cause I'm rambling now.

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