Thursday, March 8

Sleeping to Dream

Lately I've been having the most amazing dreams.
And I love it!
I've been sleeping less and dreaming more.
Is there a correlation?
I hope not.
But if so, I choose the awesome dreams I've been having.

Yesterday morning I woke up from a Halloween party and kissing Benedict Cumberbatch.
Yesterday afternoon I took a nap and dreamed I was in California swimming in the sunshine with an old boyfriend's family.
(Ok that one sounds weird, but it wasn't. Just good.)
And this morning I woke up from some good-ness about Batman and Sherlock and my family and saving the world and super powers and maybe there was some sort of defeating a bad guy with kryptonite.

I know they all sound silly.
I don't know what I've been doing lately to bring this on.
And I couldn't tell you the plot to any of these.
But they are just happy dreams that make me excited to live my life.
Even though they are all unrealistic and I would probably curl up and cry if they happened in real life.

The point is, I don't think I've ever had such vivid and fun dreams before.

What about you?
Do you always dream?
And what are your dreams like?

Tell me, tell me!!!


  1. if you keep a notebook my your bedside and write down your dreams right when you wake up, you'll have a higher chance of remembering them more often! :)
    dreams are the best. i go through phases like that every so often. months and months of no dreams, then night after night of awesome adventure! also, it's good to see you blogging more again. i'm glad you're creativity is back in this sphere!

  2. Oh dear, dont get me started on my dreams! My family shakes their head when I start to talk about dreams. My dreams are always extremely vivid and crazzzy involved. Sometimes I wake up and it takes me half the day to shake it off and get back to reality!

  3. I don't always dream, but I dream often. And I have to say, my dreams while I am pregnant become even more random, insane and often more sensual. Sometimes bordering on inappropriate! I am embarrassed to admit it, but I think it must be the extra hormones coursing through me.
    Anyway sometimes they are disturbing and sometimes sad (like when I dream Russ has fallen in love with someone else.) I have also had the sensation of crying in my dreams and I wake up with a headache.
    But, basically they are totally random and crazy...

  4. Love the Jason Mraz quote in the title :)

    Dreams are fascinating. How something we do when we are asleep can affect us so strongly when we wake up. I have had some really crazy, weird dreams, a few wonderful dreams, and a dream or two that has made me cry. The weird dreams are the best to share at parties. The wonderful dreams are the nest to keep close to your heart. And the sad dreams... Well, I don`t know if they are best for anything, yet.


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