Wednesday, April 7

A Whole Piece of Pie? Yes, please!

Last night I went with some friends to Sammy's Burgers and Fries. It's this little hole in the wall in Provo near Center Street and I love it. It was Two for Tuesday, so we got two milkshakes for the price of one. Guys, they stuck a whole piece of raspberry cheesecake in mine. And a whole coconut cupcake in Jessica's. It was awesome. So many flavors. I hear their sweet potato fries with caramel are also awesome. They have a dark blue wall with a silver tree painted on, a wall of polaroids, and a t-shirt with that tree that says, "My cupcake shakes bring all the boys running to the yard." Awesome, I know. I'll be going back for the key lime pie milkshake. And the pumpkin cheesecake. But not until next Tuesday.


  1. I desire to try the pumpkin cheesecake pie milkshake as well.


  2. this place is the best. I think I blogged about it once. their grilled cheese sandwiches are SO GOOD. which is funny, because it's just grilled cheese, but man. delish.

  3. I've been there so many times it's basically my second home. You may think the pie shakes are amazing...but have you tried any of the CUPCAKE shakes???

  4. I saw that place and wanted to go!
    In May we are doing it!
    Reyna did you take those photo's they are really good!


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