Thursday, April 29

In Which I Discover the Thrill of Vinyl and Vintage Cowboy Boots


This past Saturday was adventurous. Someone Nice took me to the cool places in Salt Lake City. And I immediately fell in love with a record store. My mom has always has tons of vinyl, but nothing to play them on for a while now. But she still made sure that I was familiar with the good music (you know, The Grass Roots, Skeeter Davis, Pat Benatar, etc.) and so walking into that second record store and seeing all those records was amazing! Then, just imagine that She & Him, Regina Spektor, Andrew Bird, and Bon Iver all have their albums on vinyl, too! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There is just something amazing about records.

Moving on to Decades. The most amazing vintage store where I picked up the cutest pair of cowboy boots. Just my size. Already worn in and deliciously scuffed up. I'm obsessed with them. I've worn them everyday since and I just keep staring at my feet and walking on wood floors as much as possible. Bliss.
.credit (no joke, that's what the inside looks like)

After Decades, we went to the library. 5 floors of perfection. Glass elevators. A book sale as big as the library back home. And a roof garden. Now don't get me wrong, Provo library is still my favorite (because I'm a sucker for an old building) but the Salt Lake Library is pretty darn awesome.

So Salt Lake won me over. Fanks, Landon.


  1. Best library in Utah. Only complaint is that the books for sale were too expensive.

  2. Seriously one of my favorite places in the world..... :)


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