Friday, July 13

Puppy Times

Last night I got to puppy sit!

Troy brought this cute little thing to work and I got to take her home for the evening.
I just loved her! 

But puppies are a lot more work than I thought they would be...

The part where they get into everything,
And are not potty trained,
And like to tear stuff apart,
And eat bugs.

I was not ready for that part.

I was ready, however, to give her a bath,
to cuddle with her,
to watch her sleep,
to show her off to adoring friends and neighbors.

Most people turn into a ridiculous babytalking stranger when they see a puppy.
It's awesome.
And it makes me like some people even more.
And it makes me like others less for their general lack of caring.

Look at that face!

How can you resist?

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