Sunday, July 8


This Fourth was pretty fantastic.

On Tuesday night, I drove up to Layton with Parker, where he dropped me off at some of my favorite friends' houses. 
Helloooooo Chrissy and fam! 

I had a yummy dinner with Mom and Dad Pasqua, then a sleepover with little Ziggy at Chrissy's house.
It was sooooo fun to wake up in the morning and lay in bed and chat with Chrissy.
I have missed that girl so much! 
We had a pool party and barbecue at her parents house,
 then I went to Parker's for a Firework Death Fest.
Which was fantastic.

I love fireworks! 
Here we are watching some fun fireworks.
My hair is soooooo red!
(I love it.)

And his momma got some great pictures!
I'm just sad I didn't get any pictures from the morning. 

But I left the day feeling very patriotic.

Yay for America!

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  1. Your hair is SO RED! Love it :)

    being in Japan I didnt really do anything for the fourth D: Which is quite sad. But it sounds like you had a brilliant time


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