Saturday, July 30

Thoughts on Being a Superhero (with some James McAvoy)

I just got home from seeing X-Men: First Class for the second time this week.
And after I finished swooning over James McAvoy's blue blue eyes, I got to thinking...
Which one would I be?
Which super power would I want to have?

Absorbing energy would be awesome!
Like Kevin Bacon (I never did catch his character's name...)
But what kind of use would I have for that?
I don't think anyone will be throwing grenades at me.
I might never realize that I even had that power.
But maybe exciting things find you when you have interesting abilities.

Changing form, like Mystique?
But I have no desire to be blue underneath it all.
(This is not cute.)

I'd love to adapt like Darwin.
I'd jump in the ocean and be a mermaid.
But it would get lonely.

I wouldn't chose the powers of Charles.
I have no desire to read minds or control people.

Too violent.
(But soooooo handsome! Have you seen Jane Eyre? Best Mr. Rochester ever.)

Basically, the conclusion I've come to is that I'm just fine as I am.
I like me.

But if I could, I would most definitely have super speed.
I really miss my family right now.
Can't wait to go home in 10 days!

(here's a picture of James. Because we can never have enough of him.)

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  1. He and his eyes are sooooo lovely.

    But doesn't he look just OH SO MUCH like the even steven's kid?? what was his name again...


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