Wednesday, July 20

Quidditch. The Muggle/Summertime Way.

In honor of the last Harry Potter movie I give you...

Pool Quidditch!

3-6 hula hoops {goals}
1 soccer ball {quaffle}
2 soft balls {bludgers}
1-2 live goldfish {snitch. The second is in case the first one dies too soon on you.}
14 fun noodles {in lieu of a broomstick.}
14 friends

Give the goldfish a 30 sec head start.
Play quidditch!
{If you don't know how to play, then you are lame.}
Also, you should probably use a pool that is very lightly chlorinated, so that the fish doesn't die and you don't feel like a murderer.

PS I loved the movie.
Sobbed through the whole thing.
A part of my childhood has ended.


  1. isn't it painful to get hit by a softball? I'd probably wuss out and use a wiffle ball!

  2. This is genius. I wish I could play with you. :(

  3. Genius. Now I just need to find a pool!!


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