Monday, July 25

The Book Thief

Every once in a great while, I read a book that is real.

I don't usually read these books more than once.
That would not do them justice.
It would cheapen them.
And make them less than what they are.
These are not the Harry Potter's of your childhood.
These are bigger than that.

But the one time that I read these books, I see more.
I see more than me.
I see more than my surroundings.
I see everything that humanity has to offer.

I feel more.
I understand more.
And I want more.

These books are like lightening.
They flash quickly and do not last long.
If you are lucky, you just might see it illuminate the whole sky.
You didn't know what was there before that flash.
And then it is over.

But the thunder.
The thunder comes and it shakes into your soul.
You feel it all the way to your heart.
And if you are not prepared, then you are frightened.
The strength of it is overwhelming.
It doesn't last, but you don't forget.
And lightening will always make you shake in anticipation for the thunder.
The memory of the thunder is with you forever.

These books leave you weak.
These books leave you strong.
These books make your heart hurt.
You can't forget them, even if you tried.

The Book Thief is one of these.
I can't forget it.
I am more because of it.
Because Liesel Meminger is more than just a story.
She is a whole generation.
A whole country.
She is real.


  1. i LOVED this book. I read it a few years back and have had it on my list to read again because i loved it so much!

  2. Loved your perspective!! I agree!! And, you are awesome!


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