Wednesday, February 9

Missing: The Best Shirt Ever

Once, I had the best shirt ever.
It was magical.
I bought it when I was 15.
It never wore out.
I lost it awhile ago.
{Not sure when...}
I want it back.

Because where could it have gone?

I am sending out a blog cry for help, because I am sure that anyone who might have seen it last {aka borrowed it or something}
probably reads my blog.

It was white.
The collar bone up was a crocheted lace.
The neckline came up in the back.
And down in the front.
It was soft.
It was lovely.
I miss it.

Have you seen it?
Do you by some miracle have it among your things, misplaced in an apartment move?
If you do, please bring it to me.
If you do and are embarrassed, just leave it in my mailbox.

Here is a picture of me wearing it when I was 16 or 17.
The crazy hairs are obviously in the way of your view,
but if you've seen it, you might recognize it.
This was a fun day, by the way.
The Florida Aquarium with friends.
It might have even been a date or something.
Who knows.


  1. Hey cute girl, I don't know if you remember me but I served my mission in Tampa and loved frequenting the Walker house!! Of course, that was about six years ago so if you don't remember me I'm not surprised! Anyway, I was looking at Becca Robinson's blog and found yours linked on there. I actually thought it was a different friend named Reyna but when I saw this picture I was like, "hey, I know that girl!" So...... I just wanted to say hi and let you know that your blog is adorable and that you look great and that I'm sorry about your lost shirt.... it was a cute one! :)

  2. i hate when i can't find a shirt i love!!! there are a couple of shirts i will think of wearing and realize they are long gone and it makes me sad. i hope you're shirt appears!!


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