Friday, January 21

Life is Swell

Today I spent the day in bed.
You know, sick stuff.

And yet I still feel as if I could write that book.
Because I have 14,000 things to be happy about.

Life is beautiful.
School is fabulous.
I got a lovely job.
I have amazing friends
{I mean, my mom has to scratch my back when I'm throwing up. But Jessica? What a gal.}
I have two wonderful parents.
I have 3 amazing brothers.
I have a pile of books by my bed.
I have everything I'll ever need.

Besides a baby.
I still want a baby.
One that looks like this:

{ignore my creepy overly excited face that one}

or this:


  1. with a face like that, the last kid COULD be yours, haha!
    anyway, I'm glad you're happy even if you've been sick. feel better if you don't already!


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