Sunday, January 30

Can I have a consensus?


This is so true.

I feel like we ladies tend to jump ahead of ourselves.
Not that I think it is detrimental to me and my relationships.
I will probably do this till the day I'm married.
Because it's fun.

(Joey? I know you don't like this.)


  1. I have never named any of my future children. Or thought about wedding plans. Or what kind of dogs we will have.

  2. I'm with you all the way Reyna. Met a guy recently. I've already planned out our entire lives together. I decided not to name the children just yet. I'd like him to have some input.

  3. Harmless.
    Girls move in and out of enamored phases so quickly that nothing ever comes of it.

    Now if they actually believed it and actually acted on it...

  4. I lorve that you mentioned me specifically in this post. Score! Girls should think about whatever they want to think about when they meet a guy. "What would our babies look like? Would his wardrobe clash with those drapes I want in my future tree-house mansion? Is he actually a magical alien come to take me on a series of outlandish adventures through time and space?" It's only bad if they let those thoughts prevent them from saying yes to a first date.


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