Thursday, September 23

The ghouls are starting to arrive!

Autumn is finally here!
Autumn is my most favorite time of year. 
I live for it.
Especially in Utah.
It's deliciously windy and colorful.
The air is crisp and inviting.
I've pulled out all my tights!
And the Farmer's Markets are all over the place. 
It's simply superb.

PS Halloween! My favorite!

What's your favorite season?



    I love Fall. I love wearing little sweaters and breaking out my boots and not feeling super hot in my skinny jeans. BUT I am usually pretty cold a lot during fall, too, and being cold is not my favorite.

    But I want to buy a kite to enjoy the wind.

    And I do loveeeee all the leaves changing color.

    I love spring because of the life breathing into everything. I like the bright sunshine and the colors.

    I like summer because of everything. I love the sweltering sun and sweating and summer vacations that take me to Japan and hiking all over read rock.

    I like Winter for Candy canes and hot chocolate and Christmas carols and dreaming of someday cuddling with someone I care about in front of a warm fire. I love the first real snowfall of the year. I love how snow makes everything quite and beautiful.

    I love the world! so many lovely things to see and to enjoy. Let's enjoy it together <3

  2. Autumn is my favorite time of year too! I love, love, love the golden leaves and throwing on extra warm cardigans. Oh, such a wonderful time.

    And yes, Halloween is WAY fun.


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