Wednesday, September 29

And now I look like a smurf

On Monday night, we all gathered at my house for FHE.
We filled up water balloons with water and paint.
Then we filled up the shopping cart that randomly appeared on my back porch earlier that day with our ammunition, and headed to the park to play capture the flag.

Pregame, we're all looking pretty clean.
Post game, we're all looking a little awesome.
Wow my shorts look a little too short!
But they were the only dark item that I didn't mind ruining.
No, we aren't dating. Although this picture looks like it.

Ugly faces.
All in all, the night was a complete success.

This is real fun, the Mormon way.

P.S. My body is still blue and purple.
3 showers and much scrubbing later, that stuff is still refusing to come off.
I would recommend using a more water soluble paint if you try this at home.

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