Monday, August 2

In which I start a new series of Home Inspiration

I collect pictures from around the internet of what I want my future home to look like.
Ok, I collect a million pictures and I can't choose between them.

Let's start with Bedrooms, shall we?

These are a nice mixture of my favorite kiddie and grown up rooms, with a few in between rooms
(aka the rooms I'd want right now as a college student/single person).

{This is possibly my favorite grown up room}
{This is my favorite kid room. I can just see making an old attic into this one.}

{Just kidding, this is my favorite kid room.}

{Same room, different angle.}

{I love the chocolate walls! A new, fun idea.}

That was a lot.
So, basically what I've gotten from this is that
a. I love beds like the one directly above
2. I love wood floors
c. I want a swing in my room
d. Old industrial places are awesome
5. I want a sheep skin rug and big windows


  1. I looooove the attic-y kid room! Actually I love most of the kid rooms. And the idea of having a swing in your bedroom. And was that a hammock bed? My brothers went through a hammock phase.

  2. Where do you find these pictures??


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