Sunday, August 15

Happiness does not depend on the number of legs you have

Farmer Cui Jinxiu was shocked when this two-legged lamb was born at her farm at Shangdong province in eastern China. She said: “I did not think he would live very long, but then he managed to struggle up and stand on his two legs in order to drink some milk from his mother. He was surprisingly steady on his feet - and it did not seem to disturb his mother that he only had two legs. I was so impressed at his desire to survive that I began feeding him extra milk from a bottle. He gambols around with the other lambs when it’s sunny even though he is only a week old now. And he has such a friendly personality, he seems to enjoy life and I think he doesn’t realize he’s disabled”

It's amazing where I can find inspiration.

I like to whine a lot when things aren't going how I think they should.
I complain and try to garner as much sympathy as possible.

Time to change.
Time to be a little bit better.
Time to be happy with what I have.
Time to get up and walk anyways.
Even if I only have two legs
(figuratively speaking, of course.)

I can do hard things.
And I can still be happy.

I can be as happy as that little lamb.

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  1. I love you. and think you are awesome. I also wonder when you are heading back to school...because it would be a shame to not get to see you before then..


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