Wednesday, June 16

Awkward Acknowledgements

Tonight I went to the hot tub
(never happening again. It made me itchy.)
with my posse
(more on them coming soon!)
and I saw this girl there.

I think I know her.
I mean, knew her.

I think my brother liked her once.
And I'm pretty certain we went to Girl's Camp together.
She's maybe 2 or more years older than me.
And her name is possibly Olivia.

Sitting less than 4 feet from each other, we did not acknowledge that maybe we might possibly know each other.
Because that's weird.
It felt weird.
There was nothing I wanted to say.
And I always thought she was snobby anyways, so no need to get into that.

You know what I'm talking about?
It's like, when you sit next to that kid for a whole semester but 2 years later pretend like you've never met when you walk by them on campus. And if you catch their eye and smile, they quickly look the other way or suddenly get a text.
You know exactly what that is.

It's awkward.


  1. That totally happened to me a little bit ago. I saw a guy that a I had an incredibly awful date with last year and when I saw him and went to say 'hi' he suddenly had someone he was running to catch up with. Awkward. But at least I didn't have to talk to him after all :)

  2. actually this happened to me too... at a random dollar store in Lexington, KY. I admit I looked away and hoped beyond hoped that she wouldn't come up to me.


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