Wednesday, June 2

Month to Month

May was not kind to me.
I got in a car wreck.
I got dumped by the nicest, nicest Boy I've ever met.
I missed the bus on a regular basis.
It snowed on the 23rd.

June has already proved nicer.
I got a cheap plane ticket home.
Window Boy saved me in my dumpy car.
And now he's fixing it.
What a hero.
I'm maintaining a decent grade in Spanish.
I've been running every day and I feel good.
I'm living vicariously through Miss Marzipan's love life (an nyoung!)
Jakeb found passes to Seven Peaks water park for half price.

And everything is going to be alright.

Did I mention I'm tan?


  1. I am sure June will be much better! Way to be optimistic. I think it will be better because you will come home and we will get to hang out!
    Love you!!

  2. I heard vaguely about the snow at the end of May. That is INSANE. I'm sorry my darling. Though if I had been there, I probably would have complained EXCEEDINGLY loudly, and then insisted we go play in it and have tim tam slams afterwards and cuddle on your couch.

    Also, I read my roommates your quote about reading fantasy aka romance novels and unicorns on the ride hand side of your blog, as we all agreed it is amazing and way too true. Did you say that??? hahah. we love it.

    And I love you. I'm sorry to hear your car broke down!! D: that is too bad!! But I'm glad you have nice Window Boy to help you out.

    Also, you can live your life vicariously through me. I will try and write you love poems. Maybe even in Japanese.

  3. I come back in June. That should be on the list.

    And I am loving all of these pictures.


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