Thursday, September 6

sort out your priorities

This is a picture of one of my pinterest boards. 
I have priorities, people. 

I did a lot of things today. 
I should have done a lot of other things today. 


Should have done the dishes
Did go see Snow White & the Huntsman in the dollar theatre

Should have taken a bath
Did eat half a carton of ice cream

Should have done charts for work
Did balance my checkbook

Should have left for work on time
Did eat a leisurely breakfast and check my email

Should have not responded to an email
Did write a scathing response and almost pressed send but then erased it and wrote a polite one

Should have done laundry
Did talk on the phone for an hour

And yet, I am completely satisfied and feel accomplished. 
Strange how that works.


  1. I like your should have/done list. It's all about balance. There are lots and lots of things I should do each day, but ya gotta be happy with what you do get done. Because there is no way to get it all done (especially with kids)


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