Friday, September 7

Fun Times.

So I have these friends...
And they are crazy cool.
Adorable in every way.

Here we are marching off for an adventure.

Matt doesn't like having his picture taken sometimes.

The adventurers. 

The whiners. 

The gang. 
Matt forgot how to make an excited face.

Joey took a leap of faith and came out muddy.

Aren't they the cutest?

Talana and I have been besties for 12 years, now. 
I love her still.

7 peaks silly times are required. 
The amount of energy one gets there from excitement is incredible.

The crawdad lets go of the bacon?
No big deal.
Stick your hand in and grab it.
But watch out for pinchers!

I love my boys.

You're sleeping in the car!

I love them.
And the past week or so has been a crazy whirlwind of nonstop fun times.
I have never felt so blessed.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Oh, the days of glad you are having fun with good friends. much love my dear.


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