Monday, December 27

What's in a name?

Names are interesting things...

The origin of my name is from Star Trek.
{something I think is pretty awesome}
The most beautiful girl created was named Rayna.

{She died from emotional stress
and the way college is going, I think this might be a foreshadowing}

And then my mom learned Spanish and that Reina means queen.
And then she changed the spelling to Reyna to make it a name instead of a title.

And then there was me.
{in all my glory: cowboy boots, the beach, and a mcflurry. Brilliant.}

What about your name?
I am most curious to learn where it is from.
Where your parents first heard it.
Are you named after someone?

Tell me.


  1. Braina, I'll ask my mom for details about my name later today. However, you look like a hunchback in this picture :)

  2. Well, it's not as interesting as your story, but... My dad new "this (could have been girl friend) girl" named Cara Sell (or Sail). He liked it and my parents decided to name me after her. They had already picked my middle name "Cherie`" after my aunt so it would be Cara Cherie` Chambers (C.C.C.). They decided that since the "K" names were popular in Salt Lake City UT in 1988 that they would spell it Kara and that they would probably call me K.C., which never ended up happening:). Thanks for asking (:D) and I do enjoy reading your blog!

  3. My dad loves the song "Angie" by the Rolling Stones and I'm not sure if he didn't know how to spell it or if he just felt that an extra G was necessary, but I love that my name has two g's. <3

  4. My mom wanted a "different" name that needed to end in an "N" so it fit the other kids, and she wanted it to be Irish, so she was looking at a map one day and saw the Shannon River and was like "Hey", so there it is.
    PS I like your name, esp since its from Star Trek.


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