Sunday, November 21


Happy Birthday, Sammy!
You're officially a teenager!
And although I'm still a bit uncomfortable with your new, deep voice on the phone, I am excited that you're growing up.
13 is going to be fun.
I promise.

And even though I'm too poor to send you a birthday present, I am singing birthday songs under my breath for you.
So if you hear some creepy singing, it's probably me.

I lurve you.
I luff you.
I loaf you.
Because love is not enough.

ps This is still my favorite picture of you, taking care of your gross bunny :)

1 comment:

  1. 1. I blog stalk you now.
    2. I thought that rabbit was a dog. And I thought you were wishing that dog a Happy Birthday. And I couldn't quite figure out how your dog's voice suddenly got deeper.
    The end.


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