Tuesday, November 23


Tonight we are supposed to be getting a massive blizzard.
BYU keeps sending me texts warning me about it.
Biggest storm in years, apparently.

So we did what any smart college students would do:
We plugged in our computers so we can watch movies if the power goes out.
We charged our phones and ipods.
Christine bought granola bars and ritz crackers.
I'll supply the peanut butter.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.
Of the storm, I mean.
I keep imagining that it will be a Laura Ingalls sort of storm, with huge drifts and all.
But I think I'm expecting too much.

I just really want to walk on the roof to get to the neighbors.


  1. seriously! people are talking like this is the storm OF THE CENTURY!!! It better be cool.
    wait...I thought you were going out of town for thanksgiving?

  2. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations . . . or mine. Well, maybe the next storm.


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