Sunday, October 7

Top 10 Fictional Characters That I Would Date

1. The Doctor.
Are any of you surprised? 
I didn't think so. 
The only reason I ever go running is because that is practically all the Doctor does and I have to be able to keep up with him one day. 

Pros: Witty, sincere, adventurous, kind, good, adorable, energetic, beautiful, genius. 
Drops out of the sky and takes you on adventures through all of time and space.
And did I mention the hair? 
I mean, really great hair. 
I'll take Ten or Eleven. 

Cons: In the words of River Song, "When the man one loves is an ageless god who insists on the face of a twelve year old, one does one's best to hide the damage."
No one who is in love with the Doctor winds up winning in the long run.

Projected Duration of Relationship:
 2-10 years
 (that's about the time that something timey wimey and terrible usually happens to companions)

2. Superman

My favorite superhero.
I have been in love with him for a real long time.
I have a Superman backpack and Talana and I are besties partially because she has a Superman snuggie.

Also, Tom Welling.

Cons: Alien and hung up on Lois Lane

PDR: until the first time I got held hostage by his enemies I'm outta there.

3. Rory Williams

Amelia Pond chose him over the Doctor for a reason, people.
He is the best that humanity has to offer.

Pros: Sweet, good, wants to help people.
Cute face.
Did I mention that he waited 2,000 years for the woman he loved?
2,000 years! 

Cons: He's died too many times to count.
That would be hard to deal with. 

PDR: Forever.

4. John Watson

I just think he's so cute.

Pros: Sweet and thoughtful, doesn't need to be the center of attention.
He works hard.
He is patient.

Cons: His bromance with Sherlock

PDR: 3 months until Sherlock drove a wedge between us

5. Ned, The Pie Maker

Pros: He is good and helpful and tries to do the right thing.
He puts his love of a girl above a lot of things.
He is willing to make sacrifices.
He obviously is not dependent on the physical parts of a relationship.
He makes pie for a living.

Cons: When he touches dead things they come back to life.

PDR: Forever. Because if I die he'll bring me back to life. 

6. Peter Pan

If I were 10 years younger, I would want him.

Pros: Fun loving and adventurous.
Hangs out with mermaids, pirates, fairies, and indians.

Cons: Terribly selfish.
Forgets real fast.

PDR: Until I went out of town for a bit and he forgot that I existed.

7. Sherlock

Pros: Brilliant and beautiful.

Cons: High functioning sociopath.

PDR: We'd never get started.
I'm way too unobservant by nature and would drive him up the wall.

8. Han Solo

Oh I have been in love with this man since the first time I saw Star Wars at age 8.
So, so in love.

Pros: He's rugged and adventurous and snarky and has his own spaceship.
He's fiercely independent.
He is a bad boy with a moral compass.

Cons: He has a lot of debt which got him frozen in carbonite.

PDR: 3 years
I can't see him settling down and I'd be wanting marriage at that point.

9. King Arthur

I used to dream of being Guinevere.

Pros: He's a king.
He is chivalrous and romantic.

Cons: People didn't take baths back around 1000 AD

PDR: 10-15 years.
Then Mordred would show up and I don't think I could handle his existence.

10. Fox Mulder

Pros: He loves aliens as much as I do.
He is dedicated to what he believes in and not afraid to make sacrifices for it.

Cons: He's kind of obsessed with conspiracies.

PDR: 6 mos.
His crusade would drive me nuts.

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  1. LOL!! Love it! Love your assessment of your possibly relationships with these guys. I hate to admit that I don't know who some of them are. But really, a great post.


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