Tuesday, November 15

I'm just like, the best cartoon character ever

My friend Joey
(who is, by the way, one of my most favoritest of people in the whole wide world)
drew a picture of me.

Isn't he talented?
He really captured my essence.
All the way down to the crazy face, the hand gestures that make no sense, and the bangs that won't ever stay down.
(Sigh. Those bangs are going to be the death of me. What was I thinking when I cut them?)

Basically, I have been begging him for a picture of me for awhile.
I never imagined that it would be so perfect.
I seriously love it SO much.
So much.

His bloggity blog has more of his works.
But none are as cool as this one.
I promise.


  1. this is so CUTE i love it it looks exactly like you! and the mouth oMG this makes me miss you more!

  2. This is totally you!! What talent he has! I love it, i hope you frame this!

  3. Your feet/toes remind me of Ariel when she gets her legs. That's a compliment. To you and Joey both, I guess since you own them and he drew them.

  4. If you were wondering what to get me for Christmas . . . I bet I'd look really cute animated . . .

  5. Yup, he knows my girl! You ought to post this as your profile pic on Goodreads.
    xx oo,


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