Monday, October 17

Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up.
I'm so excited!
It really is one of my most favorite holidays.

This year, I'm going to LA for a big ol Halloween party at a friend's house.
And I obviously need a great costume.
I just don't know what.

So here are some of my current ideas.
I need to get crackin this week so that it's ready in time, whatever it is.

So, what shall it be?

A pumpkin?
A scarecrow?
Or the Doctor?
(that's the one in the middle with the fez.)
Do you have any other fabulous ideas for me?


  1. Oooh, what is your big party?

  2. Hi, I saw your guest post and decided to wander on by. I think that you should be something chic and indie (ie no one can guess who/what you are) for halloween. 3 suggestions: Miss Mary Mack, the center of the universe, the girl with the yellow/black ribbon around her neck from that ghost story. Great blog by the by.

  3. Hi! Check out the latest two posts on my humble little blog: for cute couples costumes.


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