Thursday, August 25

Whenever I come home, people ask my about my relationship status

Tavi's been making me feel real good lately.
That is not real.
He is making me feel inferior to my mother and unsuccessful in the man department.
A 5 year old should not make me wonder what I am doing wrong.

Example 1:
Tavi knocks on the door with flowers.
Tavi: These are for her {meaning my mom}. They are not for you. They are always for her.

I wish someone would bring ME flowers.

Example 2:
Tavi: Wait, why aren't you a mommy? Where are your babies? Do you have a husband?
Me: Nope, I'm not a mommy and I'm not married.
Tavi: Well why don't you have a husband?
Me: I can't find one.
Tavi: Have you checked your church? I bet you could find a good husband at your church.

Yeah, it SOUNDS like a good plan. But it's not really worked these past few years.

Example 3:
Tavi: Are you sure you're not a mommy? Because you have poky legs and crazy hair like my mommy and Michee {Michee is what he calls my mom.}

Sorry I forgot to shave my legs, kid.

This I've not been asked these sorts of
Oh 5 year olds.

But he's real cute.


  1. Ummm-Michi is spelled as such. The "i" in Spanish has a long e sound. 'member? And, yes, he loves me! I am so glad that you made a permanent record of that oh so great moment. But we'll work on the tact thing between now and Christmas break.

    Love, mom

  2. LOL! I know I shouldn't laugh, but who wouldn't laugh at those stories. I love kids!


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